Your City’s Favorite Hairstyles

popular hairstyles
Ready for a fresh style idea or just looking for some inspiration for the next time you decide to visit a Benefits of IV Therapy? While you can never go wrong with a classic long bob, it’s always a great idea to spice things up to keep it interesting. Check out the following nine styles your next best look:

1. The Beachy Los Angeles Bob

If you’re a lover of laid-back styles, this look is the right choice. With these quintessential cool mermaid waves, this L.A twist on a traditional bob hairstyle features a perfectly blunt cut, no layers, and a gradated length that gets shorter towards the back.
Style these loose waves with salt spray to get a beachy look anywhere in the world you may be.

2. NYC’s Blunt Lob

new york bobWhile shaggy lobs are a look all their own, the blunt lob is the sleek alternative that is one of the fiercest styles right now. This hot collarbone-grazing length is taking over New York and is a no-nonsense take on the blunt cut. Featuring no angles or layers, this take-no-prisoners style will help you achieve the most modern look possible.

3. The Full and Curly Detroit Style

Going natural? Women in Detroit (and all over the world) are embracing their natural lock and doing the most to emphasize their textures. Women with curly and kinky textures are hoping to highlight their personality by prominently defining their big and bouncy curls. One of the most popular trends for kinky and curly styles features a lot of layers and heavy curly bangs that encourage more movement and volume.

4. Shaggy Lob and Bangs from Albuquerque

shaggy bobThis hairstyle is inspired by the love of blunt bangs and the shaggy lob popular with women in Albuquerque. Everyone loves the freedom and messiness of the shaggy lob, but the unexpected fierceness of these blunt bangs adds a certain dynamism to the style. The shaggy lob cut makes it easy to embrace your natural texture without committing to a sharp cut, while the bangs bring a sense of formality to the whole look.

5. The Strong San Francisco Bob

Known to the rest of the world as the blunt bob, this trendy style is making major waves in San Francisco. This sexy cut makes a real statement in a majorly cool way as the sharp ends bring a certain edginess that works well to frame any face. While this style will fit any hair texture, you should have your stylist thin it out if you have denser hair.

6. Honolulu’s Chandelier Layers

honolulu beachy wavesBeachy waves are making the rounds in Honolulu. This style is ideal for medium-length and long hair and works for all hair textures. The best thing about this style is that it looks good on anyone, regardless of their face shape.

What makes this style so iconic are the free-falling layers that add the perfect amount of volume to your look. Get this style by asking your stylist to cut longer layers around the back and smooth layers around the face to frame it well.