The World’s Best Men Hairstyles This Year

male hairstyles

While high fades were the trend of choice for several years, 2022’s popular styles are bringing something a little fresher to the world of men’s cuts. Today’s men are obsessed with styles that are natural, edgy, and a bit on the wild side. With all these styles focusing on fun with a little bit of business casual in the mix, these cuts are sure to add a sense of style to your look at your next blow dry bar near me appointment.

1. Rock God Rings

man rock hairThe rocker’s edgy looks have never really lost their appeal. Whether you don a jet black style for this look or rock your natural hair color, this effortlessly cool look embraces natural curls in a big way. If your hair texture is wavy or curly, try this style. If not, hair extensions Chandler will do. This versatile look is easy to wear both at work and on a night out, simply style your curls as you see fit.

2. The Twisted ‘Fro

Natural men with kinky hair everywhere are embracing this popular style for big, long, kinky strands. If you’ve got kinky hair, play up your natural texture by taking on this twisted ‘fro. By twisting these strands, you’ll be able to get ends that are almost as organically effortless as your natural hair itself.

3. The Alternative Buzz Cut

While buzz cuts have been go-to hairstyle men have opted for more out of necessity than personal choice, this alternative buzz cut features the classically shorn sides with a bit more length at the front and top to give your hair an extra bit of freedom that only this amount of faux-messiness can provide. Throw in a bit of pomade or sculpting paste to keep the grooming on point.

4. A New Age Fade

fade haircutFades are still one of the trendiest styles for men everywhere. This new age fade features a lower cut and shorter length on top, finished with a highly textured style. To really give this style the extra oomph it needs, don’t be afraid to add in a bit of hair dye for an unnaturally edgy color to truly make this a new age ‘do.

5. Curly and Cropped

If you’ve got a curly and softer texture, let your hair grow out all around and shape your natural ringlets in the direction they want to go. To get a slightly tighter look, have a stylist make the sides a bit flatter and shorter.

6. The Carefree Lived-In Look

Whether you’ve got dreads or straight hair, you can achieve this carefree style by doing as little as possible to your hair. This look is perfect for the bohemian that doesn’t need a particularly well-groomed style for their day job. To get this perfectly left-alone look, all you need to do is let your hair do what it wants, with very minimal attention and styling form you.

7. The Laidback Rocker

carefree rocker hairstyleThe male bob is a loose look that combines the 70’s shag free-flowing style with a well-groomed finish that only a blow-dryer can provide. While this style isn’t for everyone, it is a particularly nice look for men with big beards that are ready to rock their layered style wherever they go.

8. The Wet Coif

The wet look may be having a moment in 2019. This hairstyle is a bit tamer and brings back highly-groomed hair in a big way. Get this style by asking for a medium length layered cut with nice, clean-cut sides. Using some high-shine serum and molding paste to get the glossy and perfectly styled look.

9. The High Fade Pompadour

trendy male hairstylesPaired with a high fade and pompadour, this is one trend that won’t seem to leave men alone. Popular with men of any hair type and style, this look is all about keeping it clean on the sides and having a lot of lengths to play with at the top. The beauty of this look is that it can last a bit longer as the high fade allows for some room for it to grow out before it gets cut again.

The best in men’s hairstyles feature everything from long and shaggy looks too well-groomed styles that are perfect for the professional workplace. Whatever you choose, your style of choice should perfectly fit your personality and your lifestyle. As you decide which 2022 trend is right for you, keep these styles in mind as inspiration to keep things fresh.