More Popular Hairstyles from Different Cities of the World


The Boston Asymmetrical Undercut

pixie undercutWant to look effortlessly sexy cool? Try this asymmetrical undercut. Popular with pixie fans in Boston, this sharp bob and pixie hybrid brings voluminous curls to life with a high-contrast undercut to complete this pixie style. When asking your stylist for this cut, be sure to explain what you want and don’t want so your stylist can give you exactly what you want.

Austin’s Personalized Lob

As one of the most popular hairstyles of 2022, the lob out of Austin is one that can easily be customized to fit the shape of your face. Ask your stylist to personalize your new lob and, depending on your stylist’s expertise, they may add in layers or bangs to give you the best lob for your style.

The Wavy Miami Lob

beach hairIt seems that every one out of Miami is obsessed with all things wavy. This pretty and customizable lob is iconically tropical, featuring curly waves throughout the style. To get this look that is so iconically Miami, make sure your stylist takes into account the way your hair naturally falls and if you have curly hair, the type of curls you have. To make this style work, the stylist should leave enough length so your lob falls as it should.

From bobs and lobs to long and loose styles, it seems like the best styles from the west and the east coasts will keep your look fresh and encourage you to embrace your natural texture. Keep these nine styles in mind as you decide which new look is the right choice for you.